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Your Problem

Less than 1% of marketers become CMOs and it's even harder to stay as a CMO without a strong peer network.

The question: What are YOU doing to be part of that 1%? feel alone

You are busy. You don't know where to start. You don't feel safe asking for a promotion or not sure what skills you need. You don't have mentors who can help you or a peer group who you can lean on.

So what should you do?

Join the peak community. Now imagine being part of a peer group that helps you consistently connect, intentionally learn, and professionally grow, to be in a leadership role, and do the best work of your life

Because we believe without a community, you are simply a commodity

The opportunity of a lifetime

Find your next role: The average salary per PayScale of a CMO is $175K + bonus + equity (in most cases) and the total package can be over $350K

Get promoted: According to Forbes and Harvard Business Review - CMOs are becoming the next CEOs of startups and big corporations

Do the best work of your life: We build a community around you by creating exclusive events and experiences to help you become 1% better every week.

Just $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

When you join the peak community, you get immediate access to the following:

🥇 Access to a community of emerging CMOs and CMOs that are willing to do 1:1 chats with you, give recommendations, and help solve your problems.

🎬 Exclusive events including access to interviews with world-renowned guests like Seth Godin, Christopher Lochhead, Meagan Eisenberg, Udi Ledergor, Daniel Pink, and Patrick Lencioni.

🔥 Personal branding opportunities to grow your network and celebrate your wins.

📚 Courses curated around specific topics for your learning and development education.

🤩 White-glove service with exclusive onboarding from our founders and leaders to ensure that you get the value you're looking for from day 1.

💺 Mentorship and coaching where you get direct access to instructors to ask your specific questions real time.

And so much more...

Who can be a part of this?

Who should be part of this: Practitioners and leaders who want to be a better marketer or land a big promotion. As long as you can commit at least 30 minutes each week to ask questions, engage, and learn, you’ll get 1% better. In short, the 1%.

Who should NOT be part of this: Lurkers and those who want to sell, (i.e. promote your product or service) or cannot spend time in the community to engage. In short, the 99%.

We want to be the most engaged community. Not the largest. 

Just $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

* Remember most companies will allow you to expense your membership or count it towards your educational benefits.

What people are saying:

"I've been part of numerous networking groups and marketing communities over the years and PEAK is a unique gem in every way. It puts the members at the center of every conversation and celebrates them for being humans solving problems and trying to get better. It's a value-creation network and creates a culture against being a sales/pitch network. By design everyone is trying to meet and help each other." -Cody Ward, Senior Director | Aspiring Author

"I have enjoyed the guest webinars and the "how-to" sessions where we can dig into real-life examples of what other companies are doing.  Sangram, Judd, and our other hosts have built a true community and I love learning from them and the guests they bring in.

The Q&A session with Udi Ledergor from GONG was fantastic and Sangram's interview with Seth Godin was amazing.  I am super grateful to my local hosts, Kira Tchernikovsky and Lisa Sharapata, for their time connecting with me personally and making themselves available.  Building a community like this takes planning and dedication - the team that is running PEAK actively listens to its members and delivers real value. I love it!" -Leela Gill, CMO | COO | Forbes Contributor | Non-Profit Board Member

"I joined Peak eCMO to get access to the experience and expertise of other smart marketers. I'm the most senior marketing person in my org, and although I have a huge network, it's mostly people in my industry rather than marketing professionals.

I've only been a member a little over a month and I've already made two offline connections with people who offered me help with something I posted about. 

I've also gotten a lot out of the "solve my problem" sessions. I've been able to contribute some of my ideas but also have learned a lot from what other people shared. I'm looking forward to more of those. The events are the greatest value to me." -Sarah Allen-Short, Vice President | Founder 

Meet the leaders:

  • James Gilbert, Podcast Host | Forbes Contributor | International Best-Selling Author | Thought Leader | Speaker | Executive Marketer
  • Michael McCunney, VP of Marketing
  • Darryl Praill, CRO | 2020 Top 10 SaaS Branding Expert | Sales World Top 50 Keynote Speaker | Podcaster
  • Caitlin Clark-Zigmond, Director of Global Demand
  • Amber Bogie, Marketing Thought Leader | ABM Expert | 2x ABMie Winner | Expy Winner
  • Jen Leaver, ABM Strategist | ABMie Award Winner | 2020 ABM Innovator of the Year
  • Lisa Sharapata, VP of Marketing, Brand, and Demand
  • Kira Tchernikovsky, International Marketing Consultant and Coach | Zoho Authorized Partner | Cross-Functional Alignment Agent
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