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For the UNICORNS who dare to dream about becoming 1% better each week.

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Your Problem

99% of marketers will never set aside time weekly to learn something new each week. Less than 1% of all marketers will have a shot at getting promoted, becoming a CMO, or building a movement.

The question: What are YOU doing to be part of that 1%?

The opportunity of a lifetime

Make more money: The average salary per PayScale of a CMO is $175K + bonus + equity (in most cases) and the total package can be over $350K

Change the world: According to Forbes and Harvard Business ReviewCMOs are becoming the next CEOs of startups and big corporations

Have an impact: Marketers will continue to have one of the largest budgets to spend in the entire company and the ability to influence the entire customer buying experience. 

Just $9.99/month. Cancel anytime. feel alone

You are busy. You don't know where to start. You don't feel safe asking for a promotion or not sure what skills you need. You don't have mentors who can help you or a peer group who you can lean on.

So what should you do?

Join the peak community. Now imagine being part of a peer group that helps you consistently connect, intentionally learn, and professionally grow, to be in a leadership role, and do the best work of your life

Because we believe without a community, you are simply a commodity

Here are a few of the great companies represented in our community.

Who can be a part of the community? 

Who should be part of this: Practitioners who want to learn to be a better , land a big promotion, and will commit at least 30 mins each week to ask questions, engage, and learn to make themselves better. In short, the 1%. 

Who should NOT be part of this: Lurkers and if you want to sell, promote your product or yourself, or cannot spend at least 30 mins to engage and grow yourself and the community. In short, the 99%.

We want to be the most engaged community. Not the largest. 

Just $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

From CMO's to SDR's here are some of our amazing members

When you join the peak community, you get immediate access to the following:

  • 🥇 Access to PEAK Community that believes in getting 1% better each week.

  • 🔥 Curated polls and topics as well as content  that will help you to learn and grow. 

  • 💺 Monthly Office hours - where you get direct access to instructors to ask your specific questions real time.

  • 🎬 Exclusive videos including access to interviews with world-renowned guests like Seth Godin, Whitney Johnson, Daniel Pink, Angela Raub, Jay Abraham, and Patrick Lencioni

  • And so much more...

You don't have to do this alone.

PEAK Community is here to build a community around you and creating a consistent learning process to help you become a 1% better every week so you can do the best work of your life.

Are you the 1% who is ready to do what the 99% will not dare to dream?

For just $9.99/month you can be on the path to becoming 1% better each week.

* Remember most companies will allow you to expense your membership

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